Shobhit Chopra, a gang member of Mohit Mehrotra claims that Twinkle Kapoor is a fake name and he had organized a meeting at satellite club in Andheri. He claims that Twinkle Kapoor has paid between INR 5000 to INR 6000 for her own publicity and Nivedita paid INR 10000 to INR 15000 to get Kapoor’s articles removed.

Claims there are ethics in any industry, be it good or bad.

Shobhit Chopra’s suggestion to Mohit Mehrotra is “Be it Twinkle Kapoor or anyone, they are not meant for anyone”

“They are only meant for glamour industry and they won’t be able to do anything”

The post “Twinkle Kapoor Doll is Chitra Vilas Kadam’s Fake Name” claims Shobhit Chopra via Mohit Mehrotra’s Network? appeared first on ACQRO.


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