There have been, surprisingly, no arrests made yet at a protest against the federal government’s changes to higher education policy, held today at the University of Sydney.

Previously, dozens of students and staff have been arrested and fined at earlier protests held at the university, even as they stuck to groups smaller than 20.

Yesterday, staff spoke out against “undemocratic” behaviour from NSW police, saying it was suppressing freedom of speech to arrest protestors under Covid regulations, while letting other students have lunch, or even attend classes of 30 to 40 people.

Today, the protest has coincided with an outdoor teaching event, held by staff, who are delivering lectures on the importance of protest, the issues with university casualisation and other criticism of the higher ed changes.

There are over a hundred students and attendees sitting outdoors listening currently.

The student newspaper, Honi Soit, report that the university asked the police not to break this event up today.

David Brophy

Today’s outdoor seminar on “Higher Education and Democratic Society” getting going on New Law Lawns.

September 23, 2020


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